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Cassidy Sangster


 As a busy mother of 3, Cassidy has become very intentional, to including touches of unexpected elegance into her daily life.  

"Life can get busy with kids' activities, playdates, helping with homework, there is always something going on!  I love using fancy antique glasses for a regular Wednesday night dinner, just to bring a touch of magic. I think it encourages us to slow down for a moment, and enjoy."

Cassidy & her children (and their grandma) at The Stone Arch Bridge Festival POP UP 2019.  From left: Soleil, 12, Stella, 5, Luna, 10

Our Story

The Mindful Market Company carries exceptionally made, unusual antiques that allow people to introduce touches of unexpected beauty and detail into their busy everyday lives. It invites conversation, an exchange of ideas, and fun!

The Mindful Market Company was founded June 2018.

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Our Mission

Helping you create environments and experiences that celebrate the luxurious simplicity of the everyday, honoring the craftsmanship & quality of unique vintage goods. 

 I invite you to surround yourself with meticulously selected  vintage treasures, with the goal that you may pause, and enjoy the moment. 

The Mindful Market Company is creating moments filled with meaning and crafted with intent.

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